FLESCH is a professional lighting competence center in the B2B Business with an extensive range of cutting edge luminaires of the world´s best brands as well as a continuous growing range of own products.

Our approach

We are the bridge to architects, lighting designer, electrical companies and industrial OEM´s who search for the best designed and energy efficient lighting solutions in the following fields:
  • Functional Lighting
  • General Lighting
  • Sport Facility Lighting
  • Shop Lighting

Our services

Marketing and Distribution
Our established relationship with some of the best luminaire manufacturers as well as our own produced products range anables us to distribute lighting solutions which perfectly fit customers needs.
Design support
We try to keep the process simple by listening to what you´re trying to acomplish, the design and result you´re trying to achive. From there we develop a creative strategy and advice you with the best products possible.
Technical support
This is the part where we want to remove all worries and answer all queries. We can assist you with lighting planning, schematic diagrams, lux level calculation and cost armortisation planning.

Brand new and presented for the first time at the Light and Building 2016:
FLESCH 380VDC LED Luminaires

In Co-operation with Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, FLESCH has developed a brand new 380VDC LED luminaire assortment..

Due to the energy transition and the increased emergence of regenerative energies such as wind, water and photovoltaic, more and more energy provider produce direct current (DC). Upon public electric supply networks being aligned on alternating current (AC), the alternatively produced AC has to be converted to DC in a complex process with high losses. This disadvantage could be eliminated with an AC electric supply network allowing parallel switching of multiple sources.

FLESCH 380VDC LED luminaries can be used for general lighting in all areas with future oriented 380VDC installations such as offices, data centres, server rooms, production facilities,…

Datasheet 380VDC